The Idea is Born

My mother graciously agreed to tell her story to my son’s 7th grade history class at Crossroads Academy.  She is a holocaust survivor and her memories cover her war years as a German-Jewish child living in Amsterdam. She was only 5 when the war started.

Two years later she returned to my children’s school and gave the talk for my daughter’s class.  I had heard the stories many times. Each time I have been impressed that she can relate them so matter-of-factly and without horror and tears. She was young and this strange life of moving and imprisonment was “normal” for her. She knew no other life.

My mother will not be able to tell this story forever. She was among the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. Soon, there won’t be survivors around to tell us their stories. Therefore, I decided it was time to write it all down. I would write the book for my mother, and this blog will be about the twists and turns I take along the way.

I hope you come along for the ride.

Heidi Fishman

Published by K Heidi Fishman


9 thoughts on “The Idea is Born

  1. Don’t forget the story about her doll that Margaret made her. She told me the story before she married your father. When I reminded her of it years later, she did not remember it or how I had known. Then we confirmed it with Margaret. If you need it, it is embedded like a movie in my memory.


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