48 Amazing Hours

Two days ago I heard from the granddaughter of the man who helped to save my family. Here is what she sent.:

Hello, the man who arranged the (false) passports was my grandfather. As I met Margret and Heinz several times … I remember several related stories. Here and there the facts are a bit different than you suggested…

And then today I receive this email from a researcher at NIOD:


What a wonderful surprise to discover your project today. I am also writing a book, about Mau and Gerty Hanemann. Mau was a friend of Heinz Lichtenstern and was very much helped by him in surviving the war. Thanks to your grandfather, he had a Sperre as a metal worker. Mau also had a Paraguayan passport, presumably through the same connection….Perhaps we could exchange some information.



I have started a correspondence with both of these people and together we will sort out our questions. Too many emotions and questions jumping around my head to make a coherent post, but I wanted to let my followers know that the information keeps coming in!

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