Yom HaShoah

For Holocaust Remembrance Day I am sharing some pictures of my mother’s family members who did not survive Hitler’s hatred and evil.

Pictured above are Flora and Louis Spier (my mother’s maternal grandparents).

Below are Franz Robert Spier and Justine Spier-Bendien (my mother’s aunt and uncle).

Bobby Tineke wedding

Bobby verhaftet

This card tells us that Franz Robert Spier was arrested with Justine Spier-Bendien. It gives us his address and birth date, birth place and profession. And it tells us he died in Auschwitz on the 16th or 14th of August 1942.

Twenty-four year old Justine Spier-Bendien died in Mauthausen on the 19th of March 1945, just thirty-four days before the camp was liberated. She spent over three years as a prisoner and laborer in Scheveningen prison, Ravensbrück, and Mauthausen.

Transportn  listina Ev (28. 10. 1944 Terez n -> Osvětim)

Here is page 59 of transport Ev from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz from the 28th of October 1944. Numbers 1133 and 1134 are Flora and Louis Spier, my great-grandparents.

This also lists their birthdates and the number of the transport they were on when they arrived in Theresienstadt. It lists Louis as a worker and Flora as a seamstress.

They were gassed upon arrival at Auschwitz.

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4 thoughts on “Yom HaShoah

  1. Heidi, thank you for posting this — pictures make everyone come alive. My father lost his maternal grandmother, aunt/uncle and two cousins (his mother’s entire immediate family) and two of his paternal uncles (Leopold’s brothers), one in Germany and one in the Philippines. I treasure the few pictures I have of them.

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  2. Heidi, I definitely see you in the faces of your relatives….another way that they
    live on. Blessings to you as you treasure their memories.

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