Tutti’s Promise is here!

Published by K Heidi Fishman


11 thoughts on “Tutti’s Promise is here!

  1. Heidi. I am looking forward to reading your book !!! It is so wonderful that you chose to do this project and honor Tutti !!! I bet she is also thrilled !! And so awesome to share this with the rest of the world.

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS, HEIDI!! I can’t wait to read Tutti’s Promise! I have been so inspired by your journey writing it! What a gift you have given us all!


  3. Dear Heidi.

    Congratulations with your book !

    I will order it, when available.

    I am flying to Wales next monday, where I will visit another familymember, Ben Bendien, who is also writing a book. It is about his father, Gerry Bendien, who died november 26, 1945 as a commando, surviving Birma and WW II, whom he never met.

    You can see the whole Bendien family on http://www.geni.com .


    S.G.F. Bendien Couloussac F – 82150 MONTAIGU DE QUERCY

    +33 563 32 00 21



  4. Heidi – Congratulations and great job. You have such fortitiude, I knew you’d get there. I look forward to ordering and reading your book. Hope you go on tour so I can get a signed copy.


    1. The tour is very unofficial as I will be organizing myself. If you have a place near you that is appropriate for me to speak, let me know or make the introduction – libraries, middle schools, book stores, JCCs would all be appropriate.


  5. Yes, at last!!! I understand how you feel: excited. So great to have in your hands at last! Van harte gefeliciteerd! Can’t wait to see it.


  6. So happy for you, Heidi…….’helping “to save the world” through your work of love
    and devotion. May the candles glow with special joy tonight, as you have put into words, “remember and observe”. ~ ~ ~


  7. Heidi,
    Congratulations. Very excited for you that the book will be published soon. We spoke back in the fall about the possibility of bringing you out to Michigan for an event or a few events at Temple Beth El. If you’re open to it, I’d love to continue that conversation. Please let me know when might be a good time to talk.

    Deborah Morosohk, RJE
    Director of Education
    Temple Beth El
    7400 Telegraph
    Bloomfield, MI 48301
    248.325.9708 (Direct)

    [TBE email signature Logo Image] [TBE Gala email signature Logo Image]

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