Amsterdam Section Documents (chapters 1-16)

Louis Spier’s German passport  which was
revoked by Germany because he was Jewish



Associated Press article about Queen Wilhelmina’s response to the Germany invasion of the Netherlands


Heinz’s Jewish Council card affirming that he has
applied for an official identification card


Margret’s Jewish Council card affirming that she has
applied for an official identification card


Heinz’s personal identification card.
The big “J” indicates he is Jewish.


Margret’s personal identification card.
The big “J” indicates she is Jewish.


Oxyde Wirtschaftsprüfungsstelle
This card indicates the Aryanization of Oxyde.
The line underlined in red says: 13 Oct 1941 Change to non-Jewish.


Jewish Gen dutch police list

I found this listing on the website Heinz’s last name is misspelled but the birth date and place of birth are correct. I found the file this referred to in the Dutch National Archives in the Hague. The file showed that the director of the Reichsbureau for non-ferrous metals asked for Heinz Lichtenstern be given permission to meet with him in the Hague. This was followed by several memos deciding about this permission that was ultimately granted many months later. Unfortunately I was not allowed to make copies of the documents.



The Jewish Weekly from July 2, 1943

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Leopold “Bobby” Klopfer’s index card in the Amsterdam Archives. This indicates the address where he lived and therefore, the attic.


Lichtenstern passport issued by the Paraguayan consulate in Bern Switzerland



Letter notarizing the passport


Paraguayan passport issued for the Hanemann family (friends of the Lichtensterns). The passport is written in the same handwriting, has the same signature, and expires on the same date as the Lichtenstern passport.