I advise you to hold off on looking at pictures until after you have read the section that the pictures correspond to. There are spoilers.

Liberation/Repatriation Section
(chapters 40-49)

liberation theresienstadt http-::www.youtube.com:watch?v=foBhgxHcv9U


http-::www.youtube.com:watch?v=foBhgxHcv9U liberation theresienstadt 2


Scan 5

Sgt. Lloyd Miller

Scan 4

Sgt. Lloyd Miller

Life After Tutti’s Promise


Entry by Gaby Silten in Tutti’s “Poesie” or Poetry book from July 24 1945. This is just 3½ weeks after their return to Amsterdam.


Egbert de Jong also signed Tutti’s book. He wrote a poem and signed it Oom Eg (Uncle Eg). Date is 5 January 1946.


Robbie, Tutti, Margret, and Heinz on a winter vacation after their lives returned to normal


Robbie 1947

Tutti's room Brazil

Tutti’s room when she lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the early 1950s. Notice the pictures on the wall – Uncle Bobby and her grandmother Flo. Popje sits on top of the armoire.

von oppenheim 1

Tutti dancing with Baron Friedrich Carl von Oppenheim (date unknown)

1950s teenagers

Tutti and Robbie look like typical American teenagers in the mid 1950s.


Poldi, Muttchen (Jenny), and Heinz at Muttchen’s 80th birthday party in 1957


Margret and Heinz at Tutti’s wedding (1958)


Robbie, Herb Fishman, Tutti, Margret, Heinz


Popje at the conservationist


Popje 2014


The Lichtensterns and their descendants 1981. Back row: Saskia (Robbie’s daughter), Robbie, Heidi (author of Tutti’s Promise), Heinz, Angela (Robbie’s wife), Tutti, Margret. Sitting: Charles (Robbie’s son) and Toni (Tutti’s son). Missing from photo: Tutti’s husband and eldest son.


Heidi helping to place the Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) in the sidewalk outside of Bobby and Tineke’s former house in Tilburg, Netherlands.