Other Publications

Toolbox Tales When All Else Fails screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-2-11-53-pm
Authored by Marta Knobloch
Edited by Kip Piper

An anthology of stories about funny and wacky situations where a tool or tools are needed but not available, and the atypical and ingenious resources used to solve the problem.

Exploring the Self-in-Relation Theory: Women’s Idealized Relationships-of-Choice and Psychological Health
This is Heidi’s doctoral dissertation from 1992.

IMG_0578Scraps of Hope
Heidi’s next project — This is still only a twinkle in my eye, but I hope to write the nonfiction story of the metal Jews in Westerbork with Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld and Myriam Daru.