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At Holocaust Remembrance Day, a Look at the Scheme That Helped Save My Family – Valley News – Saturday January 26, 2019

A little over a year ago my mother showed me an article she happened upon that bore the headline “ ‘He should be as well known as Schindler’: Documents reveal Canadian citizen Julius Kuhl as Holocaust hero,” by a writer named Mark MacKinnon.

As I read, I was drawn to a picture of a Paraguayan passport that had an uncanny resemblance to my grandfather’s falsified Paraguayan passport from 1943. Looking at the image next to my grandfather’s passport, I didn’t need a degree in handwriting analysis to see the documents came from the same person….[read more]

Toolbox Tales When All Else Fails screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-2-11-53-pm

Authored by Marta Knobloch

Edited by Kip Piper

An anthology of stories about funny and wacky situations where a tool or tools are needed but not available, and the atypical and ingenious resources used to solve the problem.

Exploring the Self-in-Relation Theory: Women’s Idealized Relationships-of-Choice and Psychological Health

This is Heidi’s doctoral dissertation from 1992.

Passports for Life

My next possible publication is a book of short stories of how falsified passports from the Ładoś Group, such as the one the Lichtensterns had, helped to save various people during the Holocaust. If you know of any accounts of how someone used one of these documents please get in touch.