Video/Audio Samples

How My Mother Survived the Holocaust – 40 minute presentation – This is a typical presentation that I would make at a school or community event. Feel free to use it as a preview, share with students who may have been absent during my school visit, or in lieu of my coming to your venue in person.

First Church – Windsor, CT – 20 minute conversation about Tutti’s Promise and anti-Semitism

Passports for Life: The Bernese Group and the Rescue of Jews in World War II – Presentation at the Consulate General of Poland in New York – February 6, 2019. I start speaking at 30 minutes in. The tech isn’t the best, but if you stick with it it does improve

Interview aired August 9, 2018 with Dale Johnson on KFOR Lincoln, NE –
Click Here and press play (15 minutes)

Here are a few clips of some talks I have done:

VPR – Vermont Edition – April 25, 2017
If you click on the above link it takes you to the Vermont Edition page. Scroll down BELOW the first picture where there is a white rectangle with a “Listen” button. The show is about 45 minutes long and I appear at about 30 minutes.

Mrs. Fishman’s presentation was engaging and informative!  The students were captivated by her mother’s story of survival and the pictures she shared. . . . She was able to give our students a personal connection to what we had been learning about in class.

Jaime Shea — Teacher — Ellington Middle School

“Ms. Fishman did a wonderful job of explaining to our eighth grade students how she was able to take her mother’s true story of survival during the Holocaust and turn it into a novel.  I especially enjoyed her explanation of the research process she used to find additional details of her mother’s childhood.  I would highly … Continue reading Danielle Michaud – 8th grade Language Arts teacher – Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School

Danielle Michaud – 8th grade Language Arts teacher – Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School