“Mrs. Fishman’s presentation provided our students with a valuable example of the use of primary and secondary sources in research. It was fascinating to follow her path, from an interview with her mom and the use of simple documents stating names, ages and addresses she found in her online research, to an interview with one of the children living in the building in which her mother and her family hid from the Nazis. Mrs. Fishman created a narrative of her own process using visuals, including documents she found, pictures of her mother as a young girl, and photos of the building and surroundings in Amsterdam where her mother’s family hid. As an educator I was thrilled to have an author reveal the writing process to our students as an authentic task. What better way to show this than to have an author present her work of historical fiction about her own mother surviving the Holocaust!”

Matt Hopkins – grade 7 Language Arts Teacher, Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School