Theresienstadt Section Documents (chapters 29-39)

Heinz and Margret zimerliste Th

Zimmerliste translates to “room list.” I have not figured out everything on this document yet but I do know that Heinz and Margret are listed here as numbers 7 and 8. The second column is the transport number they were on from Westerbork to Theresienstadt. The last column refers to block B5 which is the MAgdeburg Barracks in the northeast corner of the camp.

Ruth and Robbie Zimmerliste

Another room list. This one has three people on it: Paul Cats, Robert (Robbie) Lichtenstern, and Ruth (Tutti) Lichtenstern. The column after the names lists the transport number. I do not yet know the meaning of the last two columns.


This is the notice of September 24, 1944 that included Heinz in a transport of all men between the ages of 16 and 55 to be sent on a transport the next day.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.36.17 AM

Margret kept this slip of paper her whole life. It says “Ausgescheiden” or “withdrawn” and is followed by Heinz”s prisoner number, transport, name and birthdate.

Transportn  listina Ev (28. 10. 1944 Terez n -> Osvětim)

Page of transport list Ev from October 28 1944. Numbers 1133 and 1134 are Tutti’s grandparents Louis and Flo. This transport went to Auschwitz.

The following cards say “This card says “Central Filing Cabinet – Transports.
Persons arriving in Terezín from different territories survived in Terezín according to the SME report, repat. obdar: ‘Terezin-ghetto'”
Each one contains the persons name, birth date, transport number and place of origin, and their page number in the book “Terezin.”



These two cards are different. They are stamped EV 28. X. 1944. This indicates that these individuals were on Transport Ev on the 28th of October 1944. Transport Ev went to Auschwitz.