K. Heidi Fishman

Author, Speaker,
Holocaust Educator


Tutti’s Promise

A novel based on a family’s true story of courage and hope during the Holocaust

A promise kept is like the twinkling stars in the night sky: a constant reminder of something important that makes you who you are. Those who are moved by Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars will also find Tutti’s Promise a courageous and memorable story.

Tutti’s Promise is the true account of the Lichtenstern family’s unwavering quest to stay alive during the Holocaust while protecting others in harm’s way.  Written by Tutti’s daughter and filled with historical photos and documents—including one very important Paraguayan passport—this multi-award-winning book draws the reader into the family’s plight and reveals the precious legacy of a promise kept.


Watch Heidi explain how she came to write Tutti’s Promise.

Holocaust Educator

Heidi combines her expertise as a psychologist with the lessons she learned from her experience as the daughter and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors to fight bigotry and prejudice.