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I wrote Tutti’s Promise with middle-grade and high school students in mind. This book is a about the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of my mother. Although it is published as fiction, the events in the book are true. This is just one book and I know it won’t change the world, but it might teach your children a little about acceptance of ‘other’ people and why that is so important. It might give you a glimpse into Fascism and what can happen under an autocratic government. And it might inspire you and your children to take that extra step to make your own promises to do better. Please consider reading Tutti’s Promise together as a family this summer. I promise that it will lead to some great discussions.


“Thank you very much for talking with our Hebrew school classes, both presentations were amazing. I really appreciated how well you could read your audience. Who would have thought that the younger class would be so full of questions. . . . I hope that we can continue to work together on Yom HaShoah programs for our school.”

Elyse Holsberg — Congregation Shir Shalom

“It was an absolute pleasure getting to experience Heidi sharing her mother’s experience, through engaging stories and interesting and personal artifacts, with our students. She not only kept the attention of 75 7th and 8th graders (along with about a dozen teachers and other staff), she left a mark on them. After she left, and long before it could be officially added to the school library, kids were asking to read Tutti’s Promise. The following day, when the kids came back, they had follow-up questions, not only about Heidi’s presentation and Tutti’s experiences, but about the Holocaust, World War 2, and other forms of genocide in world history. It truly sparked an interest for so many of our kids.”


Matthew Allen — Teacher — St Albans City School