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The NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Committee has selected “Tutti’s Promise” as a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People 2018, a cooperative project of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and the Children’s Book Council!


Kids Stuff Magazine featured an article on Tutti’s Promise by Kim Gifford.

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The picture in the background was taken in the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague. It is a memorial to the 80,000 Jews from Bohemia and Moravia murdered during the Holocaust.

“Heidi’s presentation to our Upper School (Grades 7-9) was terrific. She engaged the students with her story, and she shared details that made it come alive to them. The subject matter is not easy, but it’s importance is clear, and Heidi delivered a valuable lesson through the lens of her family’s experience. We wish we had more time with her.”

Tony Scherer Head, Upper School English Department, Renbrook School

I found it very interesting to learn the process of how she wrote the book and I think it will help me with my future writing experiences. -Emily

It was fascinating to see how the daughter of a Holocaust survivor cared so deeply to write a book about how her mother had faith and courage to tell her story. -Julia

I thought that having you here gave me and all of us an amazing experience to hear what your mother went through. -Peyton

I learned a lot from Heidi. She gave me new techniques to improve my writing. -Emma

I thought it was very cool that you still had all those pictures of your family. -Siya

Students — Ellington Middle School

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