Listen to Tutti tell her story

These videos are clips from Ruth Fishman’s Shoah Foundation testimony. The entire two hour interview can be viewed on iWitness. Please note that these videos contain “spoilers” for the book so you may want to read Tutti’s Promise before watching too many.

Chapter 12: Watching a Raid (Razzia)
Chapter 13: Hiding
Chapter 15: The Theater
Chapter 20: Conditions in Westerbork
Chapter 22: Barbed Wire Soup
Chapter 25: First Crush
Chapter 28: Tutti’s Secret
Chapter 30: The Juggler
Chapter 31: Hot Air
Chapter 32: Messengers
Chapter 33: Saying Good-Bye
Chapter 35: Washing Up
Chapter 37: Dinnertime
Chapter 38: Smuggling Food
Chapter 40: Throwing Bread
Chapter 41: Liberation
Chapter 42: Robbie and the Russians
Chapter 46: Double Crossed
Chapter 49: Jewish Identity
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