Popje and Me

Hate is Our Enemy

Tuesday evening I went to the HeartStorm Farmstead where gracious owners Kim and Mike, Rabbi Raskin from Chabad of Southern VT, and Baltic Truth Holocaust Documentary, were hosting Holocaust survivor Elly Gotz, who was there to tell his miraculous story of survival. Gotz was 13 years old and living in Kovno (Kaunas) Lithuania when warContinue reading “Hate is Our Enemy”

From Švihov to Vermont

I have received another interesting email. Dear Mr. [sic] Rabbi Ilene Harkavy Haigh, Dear Mrs. Heidi Fishman,Last week our town has been visited by our native born Mrs. Nina Weil-Pelc again. Since 1968 she’s been living in Zurick, Switzerland. We were pleased about her wanting to see her birthplace again and being in a goodContinue reading “From Švihov to Vermont”

Family Matters

Hi there. My name is Abigail Sterne and I’m a distant relative living in the UK. My great grandfather was Kamil Lichtenstern…. I have recently been translating the diary of Oskar Lichtenstern which has been in the possession of my Great Aunt Gertrude Levitt, who is the youngest daughter of Kamil, and a first cousinContinue reading “Family Matters”


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About this blog

I wrote this blog while I was researching, writing, and publishing Tutti’s Promise. The posts take you through the twists and turns of my discoveries, surprises, making new friends, and confronting the harsh reality of the history I uncovered.

Tutti’s doll, Popje

Popje (pronounced POP-ya, means “Dolly” in Dutch) was given to Tutti on her ninth birthday while she was a prisoner at the Nazi transit camp Westerbork.

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