Tales from the Small World File

Last week I wrote about my conversation with Joanna Caplan after finding out about her show “Total Verrückt!” We ended up becoming Facebook friends so we could follow each other’s projects.

Yesterday Joanna shared information about her friend, Nancy Winship-Milliken, who is a visual artist. She makes what she calls environmentally-responsive sculpture. Check out her website to get a flavor of her work. It just so happens that Nancy and I both attended the Renbrook School from kindergarten through 8th grade. We were in the same class!

Nancy and I shared a few friendly chat messages and I told her about my writing project. To my surprise Nancy says:

I remember some of your mom’s stories believe it or not! I remember her as an incredibly strong woman, with amazing experiences [that] I could not fathom at that age, or any age for that matter.

I was blown away. How could someone remember bits of my mother’s story that she heard 35 years ago when she was in lower school? It isn’t like we have been in regular contact.

This short conversation reminded me how small the world is, how we are all connected, and that these stories are truly powerful.

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4 thoughts on “Tales from the Small World File

  1. Wow! Cool story. I remember some of my friends’ parents — and their stories — remarkably well. I imagine that your mom’s stories we so unique to your friend that she could not possibly forget them. As I’m reading this, I wonder why I knew so little about the Holocaust when I was growing up? My kids know more about it now than I did then!


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