The Eichmann Trial

This summer when I started this project in earnest, I began with an internet search. I simply started by Googling various family members’ names and followed any leads I came across. I spent a few evenings in a very unscientific search through cyberspace and came across something that I thought was startling. My grandfather’s name was on a piece of paper that was submitted as evidence during the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the leaders of the “final solution” against the Jews.

Apparently somebody had submitted the name of my grandfather to Eichmann in a plea to keep my relatives from being deported from Holland. Eichmann refused the request but granted what he considered to be “leniency” – they would be sent to Theresienstadt rather than a harsher camp.

I called my mother to ask if she knew about this. She had never seen these documents.

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