Progress Report

Many people have asked me how long I will take to finish writing my book. I really don’t know. Some days the words flow, and other days I can’t come up with anything so I avoid the computer all together. Some chapters appear in one sitting and others need to be nurtured; word by word, sentence by sentence.  I have about 46 chapters that I am planning to write. Some of those I have already written are fairly polished, and some are admittedly rough drafts. As of today I have twelve to go. That means I am 75% done! Well, except for all the editing, rewriting, formatting, rewriting, etc. Since I have never written a book before, I really don’t know what all of that will entail. The last dozen chapters will be the hardest. For these I don’t have all the information. They will take some time to research. I need to do some more digging in the archives or I need to ask mom to tell me the stories in more detail.

For those who want a sneak peek, below is my working Table of Contents. The chapters in bold are the ones I still need to write. For those who don’t like spoilers, I suggest you do not read the rest of this blog entry!

table of contents

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