Soft Launch

Last week I was so excited when I finally received a package with advance copies of Tutti’s Promise. After working on the book for five years I was finally holding it in my hand. I videoed  myself while I opened the package to catch my own reaction and posted the video on my personal FacebookContinue reading “Soft Launch”


Coming home from Amsterdam today. Watch for updates on my adventure. It has been an exciting week with many, many emotions and discoveries. For example: laying the stumbling stone in for my mother’s uncle, dinner with the author of several Holocaust children’s books and the son of one of the guards at Westerbork, a visitContinue reading “Amsterdam”

Progress Report

Many people have asked me how long I will take to finish writing my book. I really don’t know. Some days the words flow, and other days I can’t come up with anything so I avoid the computer all together. Some chapters appear in one sitting and others need to be nurtured; word by word,Continue reading “Progress Report”

Museum Experiences and Research

I came to Washington specifically for the purpose of doing research for “Popje.” Except for eating and sleeping I have spent the last 3 days at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. My first afternoon here I toured the museum. The collection is moving by attacking every sense. The lights are low giving the wholeContinue reading “Museum Experiences and Research”

Way to Go, Mom!

Yesterday the State of Connecticut held its 35th Holocaust Remembrance Commemoration. My mother was the keynote speaker. Instead of writing about it, I’ll let mom speak for herself. The video of the entire ceremony is a little over an hour. Mom is speaking for about 20 minutes starting at the 32 minute mark. Spoiler alert:Continue reading “Way to Go, Mom!”