The Nazis Targeted the Disabled Too

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The Jews were by no means the only victims of the Holocaust during WWII. The Nazis murdered physically handicapped people seeing them as useless and potential threats They were afraid that their genes would weaken the “master race.”

Please watch this video. It shows mannequins made to match actual individuals with various physical differences. Each model looks self-conscious at the beginning of the process. They must have been very brave to show themselves so openly and allow their “deformities” to be measured and photographed in such detail.

Notice their expressions at the reveal. They are clearly amazed at the beauty of their mannequins. Then look at the faces of the people passing the store windows. Some look puzzled, but more importantly, some are clearly empowered at seeing themselves in the store windows displaying the clothing.

This project is the antithesis of the Nazi mentality. Thank you to Pro Infirmis for this project and sharing this video.

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One thought on “The Nazis Targeted the Disabled Too

  1. You’re so right, Heidi. It was’nt about eliminating people because of their faith. One of the goals was to eliminate the unwanted, the impure.
    Purity was an obsession and physical flaws deviate from pure form.
    Film maker Leni Riefenstahl was one of the high priests of that religion of bodily perfection. Looking at her films one should never forget what consequences such a frame of mind can have.


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