Like many writers, I have hit a spot where I am stuck. This isn't writer's block. It isn't due to a lack of imagination or time or effort. I am stuck because I can't quite fit together the pieces of history that I have unearthed. I have my mother's memories and the stories she has … Continue reading Stuck

The Nazis Targeted the Disabled Too The Jews were by no means the only victims of the Holocaust during WWII. The Nazis murdered physically handicapped people seeing them as useless and potential threats They were afraid that their genes would weaken the "master race." Please watch this video. It shows mannequins made to match actual individuals with various physical differences. … Continue reading The Nazis Targeted the Disabled Too

Journey of the Ring

I caught this short story on NPR yesterday. Warms the heart! I think I know a bit of how Mr. Cox feels as I have had the same surprise and appreciation each time I encounter someone across the miles who puts a piece of my family's WWII story together.