Stories Behind the Old Photos

I have written before about Lloyd Miller. He is the US Army sergeant that helped my family when they were Displaced Persons in Pilsen/Plzen Czechoslovakia in June 1945. I have two pictures of him. I asked my mother how she got them, and she remembers that he gave them to her. She also told me that he took pictures of her and the family.

That would be a real find – pictures of my mother’s family in June 1945 – just after liberation. If I could put those pictures in my book – wow! Just wow!

I keep searching for Lloyd (or Loyd – I’m not sure on the correct spelling). I imagine that he has passed but that his children have kept a box of his treasured WWII memorabilia, including a picture of a tired Jewish family with two skinny young children. In my imagination the Miller children don’t know the story behind this photo, but they held onto the picture because these people meant something to dad. When I find them, we will trade stories about their father and my grandparents, and we will fill in the holes in each other’s family histories – just a little.

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