Thanking Lloyd Miller

To Lloyd Miller, US Army, was stationed in Plzen Czech in the spring/summer of 1945.

Dear Mr. Miller:

I have tried to find you several times to thank you for your service and your kindness while at the Displaced Persons camp. My mother, a 10 y.o. girl with red hair, was liberated on May 8, 1945. She survived 18 months in Westerbork and Theresienstadt along with her younger brother, parents and paternal grandparents. You and a friend showed unbelievable kindness to them when they were in Plzen. We have pictures of you standing with a tower of C-ration boxes and also next to an airplane. I don’t know who took the pictures or how my mother acquired them. I assume you gave them to her.You look strong and handsome and kind.Truth be told, my mother had a bit of a crush on you. Thank you for caring for my family and helping them feel human again after their terrible time in the camps.

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Heidi Fishman

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