Nautilus Silver Winner

More exciting news for Tutti’s Promise!

Nautilus Book Awards has announced that we won Silver in Middle Grades Fiction.

Now completing its 20th year, Nautilus Book Awards recognizes books that transcend barriers of culture, gender, race, and class, and promote conscious living & green values, spiritual growth, wellness & vitality, and positive social change.

Thank you Nautilus for including Tutti’s Promise in your very special family of books that are trying to make the world a better place.

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Published by K Heidi Fishman


3 thoughts on “Nautilus Silver Winner

  1. Wonderful, and so deserved!!!……. You worked hard for this, and the book
    is excellent. So happy for you…..and, for your mother. A life that might not
    have been. ‘Love to you both……………. E.~

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