Crossroads Academy Book Review

My readers were 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Crossroads Academy. There were boys and girls, Jews and non-Jews. I gave each student a copy the current draft of my book Tutti & Popje and a red pen. Unfortunately, time did not allow for them to read the entire thing.  Most of them got about 20 pages in. Continue reading “Crossroads Academy Book Review”

Way to Go, Mom!

Yesterday the State of Connecticut held its 35th Holocaust Remembrance Commemoration. My mother was the keynote speaker. Instead of writing about it, I’ll let mom speak for herself. The video of the entire ceremony is a little over an hour. Mom is speaking for about 20 minutes starting at the 32 minute mark. Spoiler alert:Continue reading “Way to Go, Mom!”

Holocaust Remembrance Day

This year’s theme for Holocaust Remembrance Day is Never Again: Heeding the Warning Signs. I have been thinking about this at both the large and the small levels. What are the warning signs? When and where do bigotry and prejudice start? When do human beings learn to either point to someone who is “different” andContinue reading “Holocaust Remembrance Day”