On to Osnabrück

I would like to apologize to my readers for the break from the blog this past month. I needed to do some revisions on my manuscript of Scraps of Hope. Last week, for the first time, I sent it off to be reviewed by a potential publisher. Hopefully, it will be accepted – but I’ll … Continue reading On to Osnabrück


­I had a visceral reaction to Terezín. I’ve started this post several times over the last two weeks, and I can’t wrap my head around putting my reaction into words. I found the town of Terezín (it is a town now) to be completely and utterly depressing. You might say to yourself – of course … Continue reading Terezín

Surviving Jews were Asked to Pay Back Taxes after the Holocaust

Yesterday I came across this article, which I urge you to read for yourself. The surviving Jews of Amsterdam were apparently charged property taxes and utilities during the time that they were either in hiding or deported by the Nazis. They were fighting for their lives. Only 5% of the country's Jews came home, and … Continue reading Surviving Jews were Asked to Pay Back Taxes after the Holocaust


Like many writers, I have hit a spot where I am stuck. This isn't writer's block. It isn't due to a lack of imagination or time or effort. I am stuck because I can't quite fit together the pieces of history that I have unearthed. I have my mother's memories and the stories she has … Continue reading Stuck