Well Here’s Another Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Into*

I have been trying to edit my manuscript and get it in the best shape possible. There are typos and redundancies and places that need a bit more pep. And then there are the more important issues – like historical accuracy and avoiding plagiarism. I have one chapter that begins with my grandfather listening toContinue reading “Well Here’s Another Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Into*”

Laying the Stumbling Stones

January 17, 2014 we gathered at the church in Tilburg again. Coffee, tea and cookies were available along with the usual friendly atmosphere that the Dutch seem to delight in. Once everyone had gathered, about 50 people, we all put on our coats and wandered over to Bobby and Tineke’s old house. I noticed thatContinue reading “Laying the Stumbling Stones”

Why Bobby?

On the evening of January 16, 2014 I arrived in Tilburg. This small city in the southern province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands is home to a little over 206,000 people, more than 60% of whom are Roman Catholic. The next largest “religious” group are the atheists who make up about 20% of the population.Continue reading “Why Bobby?”

A picture tells a thousand words (especially when I don’t have time to write)

Just a quick post today. Here are a couple of pictures of our meeting last week. You can see how excited we all were to share the pictures and documents we had from the 1940’s. Top: Arnoud-Jan showing me some documents he found in the Red Cross archives. Bottom: I’m showing the pictures  I pulledContinue reading “A picture tells a thousand words (especially when I don’t have time to write)”

Bobby & Bertram

In the last post I told you I would be having an exciting meeting this week. Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld, Fred (nephew of Bertram), my mother and my Aunt Nicky (nieces of Bobby) and various other friends and spouses. Fred and his wife, Carol, were gracious hosts. We sat onContinue reading “Bobby & Bertram”

The Reluctant Historian

I need to give everyone who is reading this a little background on my interest in history and my research adventure. As a middle school student at Renbrook School I hated history. I thought it was boring. I remember challenging Mr. Reynolds in 6th grade. “Why do we have to learn about all this stuffContinue reading “The Reluctant Historian”