Family Matters

Hi there. My name is Abigail Sterne and I’m a distant relative living in the UK. My great grandfather was Kamil Lichtenstern…. I have recently been translating the diary of Oskar Lichtenstern which has been in the possession of my Great Aunt Gertrude Levitt, who is the youngest daughter of Kamil, and a first cousinContinue reading “Family Matters”

Visiting My Grandparents

My mother told me the code for the entrance gate. I reached out my car window and punched it in, but it didn’t work. Luckily, just at that moment a car exited the gated community. I put my foot on the gas and scooted in before the barrier bar closed. My mother and I wereContinue reading “Visiting My Grandparents”


A few years ago I was looking through my grandmother’s photo album. One of the most striking pictures shows thirty-one people in a group portrait. They are nicely dressed and posed in a purposeful composition with the family patriarch and his wife, my great-great-grandparents, sitting in the center. My grandmother stands slightly to one sideContinue reading “Spiersfelde”

Why I Haven’t Written in Awhile

Sometimes family comes first. Actually, family always comes first. The last few weeks I have been focused on family. There is one member of our family, with significant health issues, and we have all been mobilized to help. This particular family member, who I will leave unnamed, has an addiction that is severe and lifeContinue reading “Why I Haven’t Written in Awhile”