48 Amazing Hours

Two days ago I heard from the granddaughter of the man who helped to save my family. Here is what she sent.: Hello, the man who arranged the (false) passports was my grandfather. As I met Margret and Heinz several times ... I remember several related stories. Here and there the facts are a bit … Continue reading 48 Amazing Hours

Blog Changes

I spent this morning re-organizing this blog. It might not look very different, but I would like to point out a few updates. The column on the right now has a new look. There is a place to “Follow”. If you add your email address here you will get an email whenever I put up … Continue reading Blog Changes

Writing Tools

My daughter asked me to blog about my writing process. I have been thinking about that request at the same time that I have been stuck. It isn't so much that I have writer's block. It is more that I keep getting confused. I am having trouble keeping track of the dates and who-was-where-when and … Continue reading Writing Tools