Writer’s Block (Or How I Got Stuck but Am Finding My Way Back)

Recently I hit the wall. I got stuck. I contracted a case of writer’s block. All of that is an excuse for the simple fact that I lost confidence. I wanted to make my manuscript better, and I didn’t know how. So, instead of buckling down and working harder, I turned my back on theContinue reading “Writer’s Block (Or How I Got Stuck but Am Finding My Way Back)”

True or False?

I had my first nibble and my first rejection from a literary agent this month. I have an author friend with an agent, and I decided to check out what types of books her agent was interesting in representing. Her website mentioned history, and narrative nonfiction and YA. This could be the one, I thought.Continue reading “True or False?”

Acceptance Letter

  Today I received my first “acceptance letter.” You might be thinking I am talking about a literary agent or a publisher.  Sorry, nothing that bold as yet. Today’s letter came from the resident of one of my mother’s addresses during the war.   I am preparing for a trip to The Netherlands to doContinue reading “Acceptance Letter”