48 Amazing Hours

Two days ago I heard from the granddaughter of the man who helped to save my family. Here is what she sent.: Hello, the man who arranged the (false) passports was my grandfather. As I met Margret and Heinz several times … I remember several related stories. Here and there the facts are a bitContinue reading “48 Amazing Hours”

True or False?

I had my first nibble and my first rejection from a literary agent this month. I have an author friend with an agent, and I decided to check out what types of books her agent was interesting in representing. Her website mentioned history, and narrative nonfiction and YA. This could be the one, I thought.Continue reading “True or False?”

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Yesterday afternoon, while my husband and I were doing chores around the house, my mother in law called and left a message for “the famous Heidi Fishman.” It took me a minute to figure out what she was referring to, and then I realized the local paper had published the article about memoir writing thatContinue reading “My 15 Minutes of Fame”

The Idea is Born

My mother graciously agreed to tell her story to my son’s 7th grade history class at Crossroads Academy.  She is a holocaust survivor and her memories cover her war years as a German-Jewish child living in Amsterdam. She was only 5 when the war started. Two years later she returned to my children’s school andContinue reading “The Idea is Born”