48 Amazing Hours

Two days ago I heard from the granddaughter of the man who helped to save my family. Here is what she sent.: Hello, the man who arranged the (false) passports was my grandfather. As I met Margret and Heinz several times ... I remember several related stories. Here and there the facts are a bit … Continue reading 48 Amazing Hours

Research Dreams

Recently I have been delving into new questions related to my book. I want to know more about the falsified passport that saved my grandfather from being sent to Auschwitz. This is what I know so far: It was obtained from the Paraguayan Consulate in Bern Switzerland. I say “obtained” because I do not know … Continue reading Research Dreams

Journey of the Ring

I caught this short story on NPR yesterday. Warms the heart! I think I know a bit of how Mr. Cox feels as I have had the same surprise and appreciation each time I encounter someone across the miles who puts a piece of my family's WWII story together.