Oberländer Overseas

Yesterday was quite exciting for me. I decided to look into the fate of the 7 Jews (of which my grandfather was one) who were named in the documents that Eichmann‘s office and Speer‘s office were discussing. This is what I came up with:

Broder was sent to Westerbork in February 1944 and then Theresienstadt later that year (same as my family!). His wife and son died at Auschwitz but he survived the war! I will be following up on him some more.

Cahn – Ludwig Cahn . 24.3.1914  Cologne –   Auschwitz 1944.  From Cologne. This is the same town where my family lived before the war!

Jonas  was killed in Auschwitz on 11 October 1944. I did notice that his wife, Rosa, who also died in Auschwitz in October 1944 was born in Keulen, which is the Dutch version of Köln/Cologne.

Lichtenstern – I know what happened to my grandfather already. Opi, we miss you!

Nussbaum – died in Camp Stutthof in 1944. His wife and daughter also perished at the hands of the Nazis at Auschwitz.

Sachs – I believe Sachs is Oberländer’s uncle. I am not sure of his fate yet. Still looking.

Oberländer – Leopold and Lilly Oberländer sailed on the Queen Elizabeth from Cherbourg France to New York in late December 1949. They listed a relative, Hardy Oberlander, as living in Los Angeles.

Oberlander Queen Mary

This is the best part. I did a little internet searching and between genealogy sites and phone records I found Oberlander’s living relatives! I spoke with a niece on the phone and she told me she still has a cousin in Germany. We have already exchanged several e-mails and I will be trying to find out more about the connections of these 7 men. Jackie, Oberlander’s grand-niece, told me that her family has letters that her grandparents’ generation wrote to each other. Maybe some more information will surface. I will keep you all posted.


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6 thoughts on “Oberländer Overseas

  1. Leon Broder lost his wife Elsa and son Manfred in Auschwitz. He came back to the Netherlands and continued his business smelting metals after the war and remarried. He died in 1971.

    Ludwig Cahn came back to the Netherlands from Auschwitz, worked shortly in Amsterdam after the war with his wife Edith Jonas and thereafter went to the US, where his son lives now. He died in 2005.

    Paul Jonas was Cahn’s father-in-law. He had founded a firm in Amsterdam before the war together with Justus Nussbaum and a cousin of Nussbaum. They smelted scrap metals. Jonas died in Auschwitz in october 1944. Nussbaum died in camp Stutthof in december 1944, a few months after his wife Sofie and daughter Marianne had died in Auschwitz.

    Job Sax (misspelled as Sachs, one of the executive officers of a steel corporation) was released from Westerbork with his wife Else the same day as Lichtenstern and family (november 24th 1943), but unlike Lichtenstern he, Else and her parents Paul and Bella Carsch found a place to hide, while the Lichtensterns were returned to Westerbork before being sent to Theresienstadt. Sax continued his career in the Netherlands, where his daughter (born after the war) lives now.

    Leopold Oberländer was released from Westerbork with his wife Lilli the same day as the Sax and Lichtensterns and returned to Westerbork on april 30th 1944 with Lilli. They stayed in Westerbork throughout the war until the camp was liberated by the canadian forces. They lived in Amsterdam until Oberländer died in 1958. Lilli died there in 1966.

    Behind this summary in a nutshell, there are of course lots of events, some of them surprising.


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