My 15 Minutes of Fame

20130617-121423.jpgYesterday afternoon, while my husband and I were doing chores around the house, my mother in law called and left a message for “the famous Heidi Fishman.” It took me a minute to figure out what she was referring to, and then I realized the local paper had published the article about memoir writing that they had interviewed me for a couple of months ago.

I quickly went to check out the article as I hadn’t yet opened the Sunday paper. I immediately went to Section E – Life and Leisure and flipped through the pages. Nothing there. “Hmmm. That’s strange,” I thought. Kay said she saw the article and my husband had already found it on-line. Where else would the paper put it? Section B – Local and Regional? Nope. Lots of graduation news but nothing about memoir writing. Where else would the paper put it? (We have a very small local paper). I went to the front page to look at the index and to my surprise the article was on the front page. Wow – THE FRONT PAGE! This was unexpected. Now, I’ll admit that the article was “below the fold” and my name didn’t appear until page 4. But there I was. And there was even a picture of the back of my head – directly across the page from Edward Snowden!

So now the pressure is on. It isn’t just my friends that know about my attempt to be a writer. Anyone who read the local paper might have seen the back of my head in that picture and scanned down to see the three paragraphs about me. What am I doing here blogging? I better get back to the book.


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3 thoughts on “My 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. Aw, I didn’t know you were a “retired psychologist!” I also didn’t realize that it was going to be 1/3 fiction. Seems to be pretty exciting as a non-fiction story.


    1. The reporter didn’t get it entirely right. I am a “retired psychologist” but the story isn’t 1/3 fiction. There is some creativity to it, but it is all based on reality. Also, there is no fictional 12 year old. I have no idea where she came up with that. My mom is going to be herself in the book.


      1. From what I remember of her story, told to me by you some 25 years ago, her story was pretty amazing, exciting and intriguing as a non-fiction story.


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