Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust

Please watch this short video. It is short and speaks for itself. We are raising a generation of students who don’t know about the Holocaust. If they don’t know, it is because nobody taught them. If they don’t know, G-d help us all in the future. We all need to know what has happened toContinue reading “Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust”

Speer vs Eichmann

I have been collecting information like crazy since I was in D.C. What started out as a nugget has been a strike on the mother lode. My new source is Myriam. She has been sending me e-mails every couple of days with bits and pieces that are amazing. Each one is more interesting than theContinue reading “Speer vs Eichmann”

The Eichmann Trial

This summer when I started this project in earnest, I began with an internet search. I simply started by Googling various family members’ names and followed any leads I came across. I spent a few evenings in a very unscientific search through cyberspace and came across something that I thought was startling. My grandfather’s nameContinue reading “The Eichmann Trial”