Perseverence in Research: Update

I found the daughter of the man who obtained the passports. She was very happy to hear from me as she had lost touch with our family after about 1950. She had a 1000 questions about my grandparents and mother and uncle. Now it is time to send her my 1000 questions about her fatherContinue reading “Perseverence in Research: Update”

Perseverance in Research or the Importance of Good Spelling

One of the leads that I have not found an answer to in my research has been how my grandfather was able to get a falsified passport that helped to save his family. What my mother has told me is that someone who my grandfather did business with in Switzerland somehow obtained two dozen copiesContinue reading “Perseverance in Research or the Importance of Good Spelling”

The Most Important Critic – One Year Later

I printed off a copy of my manuscript and sent it to my mom. She has spent the better part of yesterday and today reading it, interrupting herself occasionally to call me with a question or email with a comment. A few minutes ago, this is what she sent: You are able to put yourselfContinue reading “The Most Important Critic – One Year Later”

Why Bobby?

On the evening of January 16, 2014 I arrived in Tilburg. This small city in the southern province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands is home to a little over 206,000 people, more than 60% of whom are Roman Catholic. The next largest “religious” group are the atheists who make up about 20% of the population.Continue reading “Why Bobby?”

Stolperstein and The Day of Judiasm

The Day of Judaism (January 17) is a day dedicated to Christian-Jewish reflection. The Roman Catholic Church in Italy started this day in 1990. I am not entirely sure of the history, but I believe it is intended to be a way for Christians to better understand the Jewish roots of their faith. In 1997Continue reading “Stolperstein and The Day of Judiasm”

Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust – Part 2

This is a powerful piece (click on the link below) by Naftali Bendavid that appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week. It is about the last survivors of the Holocaust telling their stories. According to the popular press there were only 100 child survivors of Theresienstadt. My mother was one of them. I don’t knowContinue reading “Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust – Part 2”

Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust

Please watch this short video. It is short and speaks for itself. We are raising a generation of students who don’t know about the Holocaust. If they don’t know, it is because nobody taught them. If they don’t know, G-d help us all in the future. We all need to know what has happened toContinue reading “Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust”

Crossroads Academy Book Review

My readers were 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Crossroads Academy. There were boys and girls, Jews and non-Jews. I gave each student a copy the current draft of my book Tutti & Popje and a red pen. Unfortunately, time did not allow for them to read the entire thing.  Most of them got about 20 pages in. Continue reading “Crossroads Academy Book Review”

Total Verrückt! Encore

Friday night my husband and I went to Boston to see Joanna Caplan’s premier performance of Total Verrückt! at the Charlestown Working Theater. This is a one-woman show that was conceived, created and performed by Joanna. It portrays the “totally crazy” circumstances of the German-Jewish former stars of the Weimar Republic that found themselves inContinue reading “Total Verrückt! Encore”

A picture tells a thousand words (especially when I don’t have time to write)

Just a quick post today. Here are a couple of pictures of our meeting last week. You can see how excited we all were to share the pictures and documents we had from the 1940’s. Top: Arnoud-Jan showing me some documents he found in the Red Cross archives. Bottom: I’m showing the pictures  I pulledContinue reading “A picture tells a thousand words (especially when I don’t have time to write)”