Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust

Please watch this short video. It is short and speaks for itself. We are raising a generation of students who don’t know about the Holocaust. If they don’t know, it is because nobody taught them. If they don’t know, G-d help us all in the future. We all need to know what has happened toContinue reading “Why I’m Writing about the Holocaust”

Progress Report

Many people have asked me how long I will take to finish writing my book. I really don’t know. Some days the words flow, and other days I can’t come up with anything so I avoid the computer all together. Some chapters appear in one sitting and others need to be nurtured; word by word,Continue reading “Progress Report”

Rhythms of Writing

During the school year there is a certain rhythm to my life. The day starts with getting my youngest and sometimes my bonus-son up and out the door for school. There is the 45 minute round trip in dropping them off and then getting home to a quiet house. Being a morning person I canContinue reading “Rhythms of Writing”

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Yesterday afternoon, while my husband and I were doing chores around the house, my mother in law called and left a message for “the famous Heidi Fishman.” It took me a minute to figure out what she was referring to, and then I realized the local paper had published the article about memoir writing thatContinue reading “My 15 Minutes of Fame”

Beta Testers, Focus Group or Guinea Pigs

Writing a book for young adults and middle school students is a bit of a challenge. I think I remember being that age and what I liked to read, but how can I be sure that I am writing to my intended audience? Will average middle school students understand what I am trying to convey?Continue reading “Beta Testers, Focus Group or Guinea Pigs”